Last Call: Teach your children about the Wendy’s hip-hop training video

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Photo: Xinhua News Agency (Getty Images)

My sons are almost-12 and 13, respectively, and if you’re wondering what the kids are into these days, it’s memes. Which memes exactly? All of them. There are billions of memes floating around the internet right now about literally everything and anything, and only about 10% of them make any sort of discernible sense. These kids will laugh at anything, even if they don’t get the joke (there usually isn’t much of a joke, so I fear these memes’ only purpose is to make us all much, much dumber).

The other day they were asking me if I’d seen some inane meme about Wendy’s, and I replied with a crack about Grill Skills. They looked at me in horror as I rapped about seemingly random nonsense in the CVS parking lot, and then I realized that somehow this generation, whose collective existence plays out on the internet, has no idea that the Grill Skills video exists! And then I realized that this was entirely my fault as a mother, since I should have shown them this when they were toddlers. We could have spent the past decade working on sweet dance moves together as a family.

Parents, if you haven’t yet, please sit down with your children and make them watch the Wendy’s Grill Skills video. Talk about it as a family. Let them know what the true meaning of cool is. (The good stuff starts around 3:35 in the video below.)