Last Call: Shattering corn maze dreams, what teachers know, and a serene cooking video

Precision Mazes
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What teachers know

Photo: Duane Prokop/Getty Images for Feeding America

Reporters can rarely get teachers to speak on the record about what’s happening inside their schools. Teachers who are outspoken about problems in their school districts often end up fired, demoted or reprimanded. Which is why Chicago magazine’s piece allowing teachers to talk candidly—and anonymously—about what they deal with on a daily basis was so fascinating: “We have to be the psychologist, the social worker, the recreational leader, the nutritionist.” Read the whole thing here. [Jen Sabella]

We’re here to shatter your corn maze dreams

Corn mazes! I want to believe they’re handmade, painstakingly shaped out of hedges by hand. Way for this Fast Company article to really burst my bubble. [Kate Bernot]


Peaceful Cuisine

Japanese filmmaker Ryoya Takashima has created the antithesis of the Buzzfeed Tasty-style overhead video that has permeated your social media feeds. In his YouTube series Peaceful Cuisine, each video is serene, set to chakra-aligning music with gorgeous cinematography. Takashima’s filmmaking is, as one commenter noted, “not food porn, it’s food love.” [Kevin Pang]


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