Last Call: Send me your pie problems

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Last fall I asked our beloved readers to shoot me any questions they had about how to bake pie, and, as always, you guys delivered. When I wrote Let’s solve every pie problem you can throw at us, I only covered the five most popular questions that came in, because I am only but one woman, and I can only type so quickly. The good news for those whose questions didn’t make the cut: I’m diving back into the mailbag and tackling more of your pie problems in an upcoming piece.


And why stop at pie? Maybe you need help with cookies, or vegetables, or pavlovas. Maybe you struggle with weeknight meal prep and need some tips, or could use ideas on ways to use up food waste. No matter your needs, Team Takeout is here for you! Send us your quizzical questions, your kitchen curiosities, your confounding conundrums. Leave them in the comments and we’ll stash them in our hallowed vault. We’ll get in the kitchen and get on the horn to find you the answers you need to live your most delicious life.



Runny apply pie filling. People tell me to use more corn starch, but never tell me how much. Especially with different kinds of apples (and thus different liquid contents), this has always been a shot in the dark for me.