Last Call: Remembering Gluten-Free Girl, a trailblazing recipe blog

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If you follow cookbook author Shauna Ahern (@shaunamahern) on Instagram or subscribe to her newsletter “ENOUGH,” then you might have already heard she will be ending her blog, Gluten-Free Girl, this weekend. Whether or not the name rings a bell, many of you probably ended up on her site from time to time over the years as you sought out recipes. Beginning in 2005, Gluten-Free Girl was among the very first cooking blogs dedicated to gluten-free recipes, and the timing of its launch couldn’t have been more perfect within the zeitgeist. The site became a go-to for many home cooks and bakers, whether they followed a GF diet or not.

Sometimes when a website is “retired,” its archives sit in place for readers to enjoy, on and on into digital infinity. But this is not one of those times. Ahern will be removing the site from public view, explaining on Instagram that she and her husband Danny “want to cull the essays that matter to us, the recipes we still want to save for our kids—but it will be password protected.” Access to Gluten-Free Girl will also be available as part of the paid subscription to the “ENOUGH” newsletter.

From now until Sunday, February 15, readers who don’t plan to pay for access should make sure to copy down any of Ahern’s recipes that matter most to them. To any Gluten-Free Girl fans out there, which recipes do you most highly recommend? And which other cooking blogs, GF or otherwise, are worth diving into?