Last Call: Raccoon breaks into Tim Hortons, steals our hearts

raccoon standing up and begging for food
Photo: Yana Bukharova (Getty Images)
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Boy, one of my favorite news types is when animals break into stores and do funny things. Aren’t those stories great? Isn’t this something we needed to see today? Yes, and yes.

Well, one of the more adorable bandits (and very troublesome, according to homeowners I know), a raccoon, made its way into a Tim Hortons in Toronto, where it either began a new job or decided to help itself to some delicious snacks from a cabinet, reports blogTO.

Reddit user finance_student snapped the pic with the caption, “Timmies employee refuses to wear mask on the job.” The post has been since deleted, but there’s screenshots still floating around the internet. The photo shows a sizable raccoon opening a cabinet while a Tim Hortons employee in the background makes a phone call, presumably to Animal Control, or to the RBI (Raccoon Bureau of Investigation).


My favorite comment from the Reddit thread says, “He’s wearing a mask alright, but he’s got it around his eyes!”

I like this particular seagull too.

It even has a name: Sam the seagull. Sam likes Doritos, so basically what I’m saying is that Sam is my friend.


Have you witnessed any animals raiding your local grocery store? If so, did they take anything good?

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This is the most Toronto thing ever.