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Oma’s spiced red wine

It seems like the entire world north of, say, Atlanta will be frozen this weekend. Here in Missoula, we’re expecting a foot of snow overnight, so I’ve readied supplies for glühwein, my hot booze of choice this winter. I was on a bourbon-spiked cider kick last year, but now I’m all about recreating my Oma’s recipe for warm spiced red wine: Dissolve a couple spoonfuls of sugar in a cup of water, add copious glugs of inexpensive red wine (hello Carlo Rossi my old friend), then simmer it with a cheesecloth containing two whole cinnamon sticks, a dozen or so whole cloves, and some lemon slices. So easy, so very cozy. [Kate Bernot]

Talking Heads in concert 11/4/80

Weeks, if not months, could be spent digging through Music Vault’s YouTube archive of historic full concerts. For starters, here’s 80 delicious minutes of Talking Heads circa Remain in Light. [Kevin Pang]


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