Last Call: Name one fun thing you plan to do this weekend

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Last week, my aunt texted the family a meme she found on Facebook: “This quarantine made me realize I have no real hobbies besides going out to eat and spending money.” It had no accompanying image; the creator probably figured the text was enough. I’m glad I don’t spend time on Facebook these days.


Still, it’s a sentiment many of us can relate to right now. Not everyone has hobbies, because at the best of times, you’re never expected to dedicate your time to them. Though some of us have begun dipping our toes into a vast ocean of breadmaking, many others are left with the grim realization that, actually, they hate jigsaw puzzles, and that there’s only so much TV one person can watch while stuck indoors. (Not me, however: I love jigsaw puzzles.)

My best social distancing idea to date is to save some of my favorite activities for the weekends, holding off throughout the week so that I have something to look forward to on Saturday and Sunday. This might be playing a certain video game, or watching a certain movie, or organizing a big group video chat, or (sorry) finishing a certain jigsaw puzzle (I might be the world’s most boring person, but at least I’m rarely bored). This approach isn’t for everyone, but it helps pass the time and manufactures the thrill of anticipation in the smallest things. And if you have similar tricks up your sleeve, we’d love to hear them.

What plans do you all have for your weekend? I’m not asking what you’re going to accomplish; I hope no one is holding you to the standard of actual productivity right now. But maybe you’ve come up with some novel ways of passing the time, and right now, that’s some valuable currency.

Marnie Shure is editor in chief of The Takeout.


AuroraFirestorm (Alcoraiden)

There’s a fucking emergency in my house and it’s that I have 20 POUNDS OF CHOCOLATE COVERED CHERRIES, SOMEBODY HELP.

No really. I do. My future-mom-in-law thought it’d be hilarious. She asked if we wanted any food ordered; I mentioned I was low on chocolate. Now, uh, I am not.

This is the most first world problem thing but on the other hand I am a person who cannot have too much junk food in the house at once or my diet will keel over. I don’t know what to do here. I love these things and could easily eat a pound a day (which is 2000 calories, augh).

As for fun things, I’m finally going to get started on the garden.