Last Call: Nailed It! returns for season 3 on May 17

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Good news on a fun Friday: There’s more Nailed It! in store for fans of Netflix’s disastrous amateur baking series. In case you’ve never seen it (a grave mistake!) Nailed It! brings in three bakers to try to replicate tremendously complicated baking projects, which usually include loads of fondant. The most successful baker gets $10,000. Most fail miserably but are usually extremely good-natured about it, and host Nicole Byer alongside chef Jacques Torres is goddamn delightful.

Netflix says that season three will include everything from “half-baked doll cakes to delightfully creepy edible clowns.” Upcoming themes include a Marvel Episode (with a Black Panther cake and Felicia Day as guest judge); Cake-O-Phobia, featuring a baking magician; Prehistoric Bakes with dinosaur-themed baking projects; and Ready to Wear, Ready to Eat, with some high-fashion baking challenges.

Nailed It! is always fun no matter what, but we can’t wait for these (especially Marvel week). And for even more Nailed It! fun (with an international flavor), productions in France, Spain and Germany will soon follow the series’ Mexico version. Those of us who consider a lamb cake a great accomplishment can take a lot of joy in these ambitious baking efforts, rightly described by Netflix as “part competition, part hot mess.”

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Lady Commentariat

I first discovered Nicole Byer via this show and she seems to be popping up everywhere and I am here for it. Also: She and Jacques are A DREAM as she would say.

(But seriously, if you like her and raunchy stuff, you should check out her podcast, “Why Won’t You Date Me?” It is hilarious and honest.)