Last Call: My family may be done with Thanksgiving turkey

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Turkey is the worst part of Thanksgiving dinner

My wonderful sister-in-law hosts Thanksgiving every year (we take Christmas), and a few years ago we started ordering in. She makes her amazing sausage stuffing and we bring another side dish, and my father-in-law goes out and picks up the turkey, gravy, rolls, and mashed potatoes. (Although they forgot to pack the gravy this year, so my husband tried to doctor something up with a Knorr’s packet.)

It all went well enough, with me almost solely focused on as much stuffing as my stomach could possibly stand, and then we all congregated in the kitchen for cleanup. All of a sudden my father-in-law stopped and said, “Can we be done with turkey now?”

It wasn’t a slam on anyone’s cooking skills, as this was a turkey that was specially ordered. But it was dry, like turkey always is (although the makeshift gravy didn’t help much). Now that this Thanksgiving was behind us, we started discussing other entrees we could have—like a roast chicken, or even salmon. Honestly, as long as Rachelle keeps making her sausage stuffing (or dressing, I guess), I am okay with leaving the turkey behind. What do you guys think? [Gwen Ihnat]


The Don King Museum

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No, not that Don King. On my way to Denver for Thanksgiving, I made an overnight stop in Sheridan, Wyoming, where I drank delicious beer at Black Tooth Brewing, ate a wonderful breakfast at Flagstaff Cafe, and visited The Don King saddle museum attached to ranching supply store King Ropes. Even for someone who didn’t grow up anywhere near cowboys (that would be me), the workmanship on the saddles was incredible. With hundreds of saddles from all over the world and from many time periods, the museum easily could have taken up an entire half day. I had to hit the road before the Wyoming winds changed, but I hope I can make it back to Sheridan and the saddle museum another time—maybe in the summer. [Kate Bernot]

Gwen Ihnat is the Editorial Coordinator for The A.V. Club.

Kate Bernot is a freelance writer and a certified beer judge. She was previously managing editor at The Takeout.

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But it was dry, like turkey always is.

Not if you cook it right” -Everyone on Takeout

For what it’s worth, I brined my turkey this year. Only for 6 hours the morning of. And it wasn’t dry.