Last Call: Mustard pizza divides the internet

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Does mustard ever belong on a pizza?

Pizza toppings can be contentious, especially if those toppings involve pineapple. But move over, spiky tropical fruit, because there’s a new ’za controversy in town. Lions & Tigers & Squares, a Detroit-style pizzeria in New York, has announced a pizza that replaces tomato sauce with mustard and tops it with corned beef, sauerkraut, and cheese.


Inspired take on a classic? Or the most disgusting thing ever created? Without tasting, hard to say. But of course, that isn’t going to stop the folks on Twitter from chiming in:

Then, it gets worse.

[Gwen Ihnat]

Fly-feather mystery podcast

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Living in Montana, I’ve learned more about fly fishing via osmosis than I thought possible. It doesn’t hurt that my boyfriend is a big fan of the pursuit, and has even tried to teach me to tie flies with the fancy feathers and hackle he keeps in a dedicated table in our basement. (I tend to gravitate too much toward the sparkly ones, I’m told.) Anyway, I enjoyed a recent This American Life podcast about a fly-fishing feather heist that also happens to involve an uber-expensive flute. It’s worth a listen. [Kate Bernot]



Honestly, not really weirded out by the idea of mustard as the sauce base on that pizza - it’s the amount I find alarming. Like, maybe a quarter of that amount and then spread with the back of a spoon?  THat might be fine.  A quarter inch thick sheet of yellow mustard for the beef to bathe in?  Nawp.