Last Call: Making bars less creepy for women, 7Up Salad, and Greta Gerwig's best performance

Photo: Bruno Vincent/Getty Images
Photo: Bruno Vincent/Getty Images
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Creep-free bars

Photo: Adam Berry/Getty Images
Photo: Adam Berry/Getty Images

It’s cool that America is finally waking up to the fact that women are sexually harassed everywhere, constantly by seemingly every man. But one place most women have always avoided going alone is the bar. Even if you show up with your laptop or a book, a single lady alone with a Manhattan is apparently an announcement to the male species that you are ready to mate. Well, some bars are getting wise to the fact that their customers and staff are tired of unwanted advances and gropes—and they’re doing something about it. Broadly reports on the expansion of Safe Bars, a D.C.-based organization that trains bar staff to stop harassment in their pubs. The program has already expanded to Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Colorado, and you can sign up to bring the training to your favorite bar here. [Jen Sabella]

A truly strange food sensation

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A number of my friends have shared this appalling video on their Facebook feeds. It’s from a recipe blog called It’s a Mother Thing (wut) and shows the creation of her “most popular” recipe: 7Up Salad. Now, I’m not opposed to Jell-o salads or any strange marshmallow-laden holiday desserts that your family loves, but I draw the line here. This recipe contains lime Jell-o, 7Up soda and MAYONNAISE, you guys. Please, if any of you have cooked this atrocity and lived to tell the tale, holler at me. [Kate Bernot]

My favorite Greta Gerwig performance

Greta Gerwig is receiving a lot of attention for her film Lady Bird, but this—a live action music video of Arcade Fire’s “Afterlife”—is by far my favorite Gerwig performance. [Kevin Pang]

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Regarding “creep-free bars,” am I the only woman who doesn’t get hit on at the bar? I’ve been a solo woman drinking at the bar for much of my adult life & I’m in my late 30s. Maybe it’s because I go to the same bars consistently & know all the bartenders & regulars but I really don’t get hit on, ever.