Last Call: Lilly Hiatt, the best hot chocolate recipe, 1970s newsrooms

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Lilly Hiatt

This week I had the chance to see Lilly Hiatt perform, and I’ve had her music on near-constant rotation because of it. She’s the daughter of singer-songwriter John Hiatt, but her caustic country voice is all her own. [Kate Bernot]


Hot chocolate tips

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Yesterday was National Hot Chocolate Day, which I am using as an excuse to again push my favorite homemade version, using the recipe right off of the Hershey’s cocoa box. I probably use too much half-and-half, but nobody is drinking hot chocolate for their health. So this holiday is a fine excuse to fire up a batch, using any of these tips here. And don’t be afraid to pile on the cinnamon and vanilla! [Gwen Ihnat]

Chicago Tribune newsroom from the 1970s


I spent 11 years as a staff writer at the Chicago Tribune, so the newsroom has very much been a second home for most of my adult life. Housed on the 4th and 5th floors inside the neo-gothic Tribune Tower, the newsroom will be moving out after a century at 435 N. Michigan Ave. later this summer. The Tribune’s photo department has posted on its Facebook page a series of photos of the newsroom circa 1970s, and it’s a fascinating look at how a staff of journalists produce the equivalent of a hardback novel of news every single day. [Kevin Pang]

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