Photo: Mark Kolbe (Getty Images)

Puppy vs. lemon

I saw via our company Slack channel that there was a puppy in the office today, which made me (a remote employee) nearly weep with jealousy. Then I remembered that I work from home, and there is a dog here every day. Before this dawned on me, I consoled myself by watching my favorite genre of doggo Instagram videos: #puppyvslemon. Just look at these adorable scamps. [Kate Bernot]

Doggy trust falls


In that same Slack network that Kate references here at the office, I have to say there are a lot of fun animal pictures that get tossed around. This week I was charmed to learn about a golden retriever named Watson with his own Instagram (; friends including another dog, a cat, and a hedgehog; who is able to perform trust falls on command. Watson is obviously the best. I don’t have a dog at home like Kate does, but I keep thinking that’s something I should remedy eventually. [Gwen Ihnat]

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