Last Call: Is Snoop Dogg vegan?

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Not only did Snoop Dogg hand out sandwiches at Dunkin’ this week to celebrate the release of its Beyond Meat breakfast sandwich, but he also beat out thousands of other workers to be named Dunkin’s Employee of the Month.

It’s been rumored that Snoop might be secretly vegan, which I’m guessing he isn’t, because it’s impossible to be secretly vegan. I’ve done short stints as a vegan, and I can confirm firsthand that eating a vegan diet makes you want to talk endlessly about how much better you feel on a vegan diet. Honestly, it’s great!

Maybe Snoop’s embrace of plant-based living is genuine, or maybe he’s just well-compensated to say so, but who knows what the truth really is. One thing we do know for sure is that Snoop is an enthusiastic and tireless brand ambassador for Beyond Meat in all its many forms. He seems to love nothing more in this world.

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Beyond did absolutely nothing for me, hated it, but so far Impossible has fared better for me. Maybe that will change when I can cook up a burger myself that isn’t covered in BK gloop, but it didn’t remind me as much of the horrid soy burgers slopped out in my old grade school vomitoriums.

Anyway, I doubt this is anything much more than a way for Snoop to get more green so he can get more green. He’s always been very good about incorporating leafy greens into his lifestyle, but vegan...nnyeah probably not. If he’s really into Beyond products, have at it! It’s all comes down to just preferences after all.