Last Call: How do you overcome a food aversion?

a vanilla bundt cake sprinkled with powdered sugar
The horror! The horror!
Photo: Education Images (Getty Images)

Judge John Hodgman dispenses swift justice every week in The New York Times Magazine. Justice is far less polite than plain old advice. Advice comes in the form of suggestions. Justice is an order.


This week’s question comes from a woman named Karen (yes, really), whose husband, David, has issues with bundt cake. “I believe he was scarred by grotesque Bundt-shaped 1970s recipes,” she wrote. “But he likes cake. Please order him to try it.”

Hodgman complied, though not before indulging in a digression about disgusting mid-century recipes, especially those reproduced by B. Dylan Hollis on TikTok. Those would scar anyone. But there are nice bundts, too. David just needed to eat regular cake in bundt form.

Eating cake actually sounds like a really nice way to overcome a food aversion. What other methods have you used to eat food your formerly despised?

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I periodically try foods I dislike, just to see if I still don’t enjoy them. But overall? I’m an adult, and I do the bulk of my own cooking. I feel no need to eat things I don’t like. And since my aversions tend to be texture based, I can generally tell if I won’t enjoy something.