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Happy National French Fry Day

Yes, these trumped-up hashtag holidays area dime a dozen, but this is one I can unequivocally get behind. And fortunately, my job agrees, as it turns out The Takeout has taken some deep dives into the world of deep fried potato strands. So in honor of this holiday, why not take another look at our favorite fried potato shapes? Or our favorite things to dip fries into? Or a point-counterpoint regarding the controversial issue of steak fries? There’s no better way to celebrate National French Fry Day taking a read (or re-read) through these, preferably with a heaping pile of fries at your side. [Gwen Ihnat]


Disco Fries were a poor choice

This is the best Disco Fries have ever looked.
Photo: biffspandex (Getty Images)

There are so many reasons I pine for the New Jersey diners of my youth: the all-day, Bible-sized illustrated menus; the revolving cake cases; the unlimited coffee refills. But one diner dish I never really got behind was Disco Fries. They’re like an abominated poutine: fries, covered in gravy, covered in some kind of liquid cheese. Some sources say this cheese is “melted mozzarella,” but that seems like wishful thinking in my experience. More often, it was nacho cheese, which coagulated with the gravy into a meat-cheese lava that entombed all in its congealing path. Not appetizing, and that’s coming from a woman who could subsist on French fries if you let her. [Kate Bernot]