Last Call: Hey, didja hear about that new spaghetti hack?

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A portrait of a scene from "Lady and the Tramp" rendered in spaghetti and sauce
Another spaghetti gimmick
Photo: Barcroft Media (Getty Images)

In a very timely exposé that was published today—just as I was writing this post, in fact—Eater revealed that almost all those disgusting but strangely mesmerizing videos of white women promoting exciting new food hacks (including, but not limited to, the nacho cone, Spaghetti-O pie, and toilet ice cream punch) are the work of a magician named Rick Lax. Lax has assembled a network of actors, fellow magicians, and one country singer who produce these food videos and share them on one another’s Facebook page. It’s a whole network! Apparently there are disclaimers on Facebook that these videos are intended for entertainment purposes, but they don’t transfer to other media.

Friends, we have all been played. By a magician.

So now my head hurts. We could follow the advice of Claire Lower over at our sister site Lifehacker, who provides a guide for identifying the works of Rick Lax and suggests that if we ignore them, perhaps they will disappear. I fear, however, that these wise words will be lost in the maelstrom of social media. It would probably be easier to try to fathom the sort of mind who can come up with toilet ice cream punch. Or to come up with our own stupid food hacks.


I was going to ask you all for your thoughts on Lax’s latest production, the Spaghetti Hack (is it a performance, is it a fetish, is it proof that white women can’t cook, wtf is up with the use of Prego, will it stain the countertop forever), but honestly, my brain is broken by these latest revelations. Let’s try to process this together.