Last Call: Heroic firefighters complete a pizza delivery

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Firefighters make a pizza delivery


My friend Lisa recently pointed out that firefighters are one of the last universally beloved professions. Lawyers, politicians, journalists... plenty of people have mixed feelings about those jobs, but firefighters? Still in our collective good graces. Anyway, that’s because their primary job is literally saving our asses, as well as those of cats trapped in trees. Add ‘emergency pizza delivery’ to the list of reasons firefighters are awesome: A fire crew in Henrietta, New York, recently responded to a car accident in which one of the vehicles was en route to a pizza delivery. After tending to medical needs, the firefighters grabbed that pie and delivered it themselves. Even if it’s cold by that point, I’m impressed at their dedication. [Kate Bernot]

Watch Set It Up on Netflix

It’s summer, when there’s very little new stuff on TV, and the movie theaters are filled with remakes, sequels, or remakes of sequels. And personally, I haven’t discovered a new rom-com to love since Crazy, Stupid, Love in 2011. So when buzz starting building about the new Netflix movie Set It Up, I cleared my next laundry-folding viewing schedule (what an exciting life I lead!) to check it out. And was not disappointed: The story of two overworked assistants (think Devil Wears Prada times two) who set up their bosses so they can get their own lives back is original enough to transcend most cookie-cutter movie romances. And leads Zoey Deutch and Glen Powell are steeped in what most rom-com movies pray for: an undeniable cinematic chemistry that makes everything they do pretty dang adorable. And it’s on Netflix, so there’s no telling how many times I will watch it this summer. Next time, I’m ditching the laundry and making it a girls’ night.

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I watched Set It Up — it was good fun.

Feeling overwhelmed here with my mom in PT rehab, my dad slowly dying of COPD, my elderly dog dying of what I presume is heart failure. I slept on the floor with him last night. Tomorrow I have to give testimony in a TPR (termination of parental rights) trial to remove a child from the parents and then accompany my mother to yet another doctor’s appointment. My son is coming in from Australia on Thursday and my daughter and her husband are coming in from OK with their two dogs on Friday. Son’s girlfriend may or may not be flying in as well. I’ve never met her. My house is currently a shithole. OH — and I have to make fucking pickles tomorrow because a friend’s cucumber crop finally came in and now I have four big gallon bags of cucumbers and my kids love my pickles. I had already made pickled green beans and beets due to the lack of cucumbers, so I wasn’t expecting the Spanish Inquisition or cucumbers. Also Trump is the President of the United States.