Last Call: Graham crackers were created to curb sexual appetites

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The surprising sexual history of the graham cracker

The first episode of Mic’s For The Record video series, released yesterday, tackles the considerable sexual history of the seemingly benign graham cracker. They were apparently concocted by a guy named Sylvester Graham, who preached that eating red meat and drinking red wine would only lead to rampant fornication and masturbation (which he said could lead to insanity and blindness), while a more tepid diet could keep these other appetites in check. Graham’s mission was then picked up by John Kellogg of Battle Creek, Michigan, another sex-avoider who thought that his corn flakes would offer the same helpful blandness of diet. Video host Jack Smith IV nicely ties this all back to the recent Trump campaign to push abstinence education in schools. Smith talks to Savage Love sex columnist Dan Savage to confirm that sexual temperance (i.e, the preaching of abstinence) is usually pointless. It’s an interesting video well-worth five minutes of your YouTube time. [Gwen Ihnat]


Roxane Gay’s Top 10 books

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I am fascinated by other people’s reading habits—yes, you’ll catch me analyzing your bookshelf at a dinner party—so One Grand’s project of asking notable people their Top 10 favorites is right up my alley. Roxane Gay’s list is especially intriguing; I’ve read a handful on her list, but those I haven’t have all been added to my wish list. [Kate Bernot]

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