Last Call: End Of Ze World redux, the art of cardistry, Paddington 2

Photo: Marie LaFauci/Getty Images
Photo: Marie LaFauci/Getty Images
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End Of Ze World: The Sequel

Remember Ebaum’s World and the “End Of Ze World” cartoon? That was 15. Years. Ago. It’s weird to think back on one of the first viral videos—I remember watching it with friends huddled around a clunky beige computer in my school library. Anyway, now there’s an updated version for our truly apocalyptic present. [Kate Bernot]

Learn how to friffle

Several years ago, I wrote a story for Vanity Fair about this group of kids who combined juggling with playing cards—they called their artform cardistry. It’s absolutely mesmerizing to watch (start with this team of Singaporeans known as The Virts), and it had me wanting to learn some of their moves. Friffle, invented by a couple of young men from Copenhagen collectively called Dealer’s Grip, is a somewhat-simple cardistry move that’s hypnotic to perform. [Kevin Pang]


Paddington 2

Believe the hype: Every stellar review of Paddington 2 is spot-on. It’s like a Wes Anderson movie with a bear, with Hugh Grant at his delightful hammiest, and a lovely message to boot. Whether you have kids or not, it’s impossible to walk out of this movie without smiling, making its 100-percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes absolutely no surprise. [Gwen Ihnat]

Gwen Ihnat is the Editorial Coordinator for The A.V. Club.

Kevin Pang was the founding editor of The Takeout, and director of the documentary For Grace.

Kate Bernot is a freelance writer and a certified beer judge. She was previously managing editor at The Takeout.

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 As a childless forty year old, I always feel weird going to see children’s movies in the theatre. Way back, I went to see Mulan, alone, as an adult dude and halfway through, felt really self conscious about it. I have no interest in freaking parents out any more than necessary. So until Netflix, Paddington Bear.