Last Call: Eau De Roast Beef, WTF should we read, and Stevie Wonder on Sesame Street

Photo: Paper Boat Creative/Getty
Photo: Paper Boat Creative/Getty
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I smell sex and gravy

Photo: Facebook/CB I Hate Perfume
Photo: Facebook/CB I Hate Perfume

Why smell like vanilla or musk when you can bask in the magical smell of roast beef and gravy? Gastro Obscura spoke to perfumer Christopher Brosius, whose Brooklyn-based “perfume gallery” features unique scents that he swears aren’t as meaty-smelling as they sound: “Most perfumes smell sweet or smoky, but CB BEAST smells savory and salty,” Gastro reports. “When you put it on the skin, it loses its immediate meat-like quality,”the perfumer told the site. [Jen Sabella]

WTF should I read?

Photo: Mari Matsuri/AFP/Getty Images
Photo: Mari Matsuri/AFP/Getty Images

I’m a huge book nerd with the bursting bookshelves and worn library cards to prove it. I’ll scan pretty much any “best of the year” book list out there, but the NYT Book Review’s list is one of the crèmes de la crème. It reminds me that I’m ashamed to have not yet read Jesmyn Ward’s “Sing, Unburied, Sing,” the latest from the author who wrote 2013's haunting and masterful “Men We Reaped” and 2011's “Salvage The Bones.” Anyone up for a virtual book club from The Takeout? [Kate Bernot]

Stevie Wonder on Sesame Street

Did you have a terrible week? Watch Stevie Wonder perform “Superstition” on Sesame Street. You’ll feel better. [Kevin Pang]

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I enjoy reading more than I enjoy starting a book, so I’m down for some motivation. The next book, relevant to this site, that excites me is Grocery by Michael Ruhlman. He of a Chef series he wrote was good fun to read.

And Stevie Wonder is always a happy choice.