Last Call: Do you use a top sheet on your bed?

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Today’s Google Doodle subject, Hannah Glasse

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If you were by any chance wondering who today’s delightful Google Doodle is honoring, turns out it’s the Martha Stewart of the 1700s, Hannah Glasse. Quartz writes today: “Long before Julia Child taught the world to embrace butter or Martha Stewart demonstrated how to make centerpieces out of pine cones, Hannah Glasse wrote a domestic guide for cooking and entertaining she hoped would ‘improve the servants and save the ladies a great deal of trouble.’” Glasse released (anonymously) The Art Of Cookery Made Plain And Easy, considered the first modern cookbook, as it featured a non-lofty, conversation style. Glasse’s signature dish was Yorkshire pudding, as she liked to focus on her native English fare. If you’re a fan of vintage cookbooks as much as we are, it all makes for a fascinating read over at Quartz today.

Millennials are killing top sheets

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This tweet was all over my feed yesterday, and today we get mainstream follow-up from no less than USA Today. At issue: Do millennials use top sheets, the flat sheet designed to slip between your fitted sheet and your blanket or quilt? This millennial does, but I also get home delivery of a print newspaper and may be 94 years old at heart. [Kate Bernot]

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