Last Call: Do snack companies make chips bags noisy on purpose?

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Why are chips bags noisy?

As anyone who’s attempted to covertly sneak a midnight Doritos snack out of the pantry knows, chip bags are pretty much the loudest packages known to man. Rustle, rustle, rustle—but why? Surely companies could make them more quieter if they wanted to, right? Turns out, an Australian researchers posits that snack makers make the bags loud on purpose. His study indicates that people perceive chips are fresher and crunchier when the bag’s noise is louder. While we’re debating the merits of this snack conspiracy theory, I’ll be over here munching my potato chips. Loudly. [Kate Bernot]

Ryan Reynolds’ first onscreen role

Yes, Ryan Reynolds is at the top of the box office right now with Deadpool 2. So let’s take a look back at his very first onscreen role, as “Billy” in the Canadian teen soap opera Fifteen. Reynolds’ Billy is the pipsqueak of the group, tagging along after rebel Dylan (official bad boy name for teen soap operas) and his sister Courtney, best friend of the show’s star, good girl Ashley. Billy tries out skateboard tricks and plays the drums, and Reynolds has one of the highest levels of acting talent among the heavily accented young Canadians (there’s a lot of talk about who’s going “oot” with who) and the strongly synthesized soundtrack. Somehow, it’s hypnotic, and fortunately YouTube has a number of episodes available for streaming for Reynolds fans.