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The case of the mysterious coffee letter-writer

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Something odd is afoot in the coffee-roasting world. Hundreds of roasters across the country tell coffee website Sprudge they’ve received strange, hand-written letters over the past few weeks demanding replacements for “stale” coffee. All the letters appear to come from the same address in Nevada. Super weird! The latest in the case of the mysterious letter writer is a theory that this is somehow connected to another string of coffee-related letters dating back to 2013. Anyway, I’m awaiting the dramatic conclusion to this story as I brew another pour-over. [Kate Bernot]

Asians are incredible at math

Is it wrong of me to paint an entire ethnicity of people in one broad stroke, even if it’s the positive connotation, even if it’s my own people? Sure, maybe. But after watching this clip of this incredible math competition on Chinese television, in which kids and adults compete against each other in rapid mental arithmetics (with pageantry and drama of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire), you too will believe: Asians are incredible at math. [Kevin Pang]

Take your moms and daughters to Mamma Mia 2

Surprise, I spent most of the weekend at the movie theater, and while Mission Impossible: Fallout was indeed as action-packed as everyone predicted, I might have enjoyed my Friday night movie date with my daughter even more: Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again. “Enjoyed” is a tough word for an event where I cried during the last half-hour, so much so that even my daughter, who is used to me crying at movies since she was 4 and told me to cool it during Toy Story 3, was alarmed. I also understand that some of you may think this film is cheesy. I prefer to take the advice of The Onion’s film critic Peter K. Rosenthal, who wants to know what the hell is wrong with you that you can’t enjoy this delightfully fun movie that also contains a poignant nod to the circle of life. Colin Firth dances to “Dancing Queen”: Frankly, I would show up for that alone. (I told my daughter we have to see the BBC’s Pride & Prejudice next.) Take your female relatives and girlfriends, enjoy the simultaneous good cry/singalong, and thank me later. [Gwen Ihnat]