Last Call: Chocolate is the only good wedding theme

The bespoke Russell-Stover wedding cake in all its glory
The bespoke Russell-Stover wedding cake in all its glory
Photo: Russell Stover
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In mid-September, a marriage took place in New Hampshire that was nothing short of a once-in-a-lifetime marketing opportunity. It was the wedding ceremony of Jessica Russell and Rich Stover, which, if you’re part of the PR team representing the Russell-Stover chocolates company, is a most blessed union indeed. The brand went a little bonkers for the occasion, composing digital wedding invitations, creating a “bespoke wedding cake,” and providing all manner of swag to the entire wedding party. That included branded socks, bow ties, glassware, pocket squares, silk robes, and even little bottles of hand sanitizer. Congrats to the happy couple marketing department!


While themed weddings can be an overly elaborate set of hurdles for their wedding guests—showing up in costume, having to sit through dinner toasts delivered in Klingon—chocolate is a theme I can get behind. Simple, delicious, monochromatic, easy to accommodate. The only challenge is coming up with a set of wedding colors that can complement all that brown. And the wedding favors are sure to be top-notch. (Truffles? Cake pops? Mini heart-shaped chocolate boxes purchased on the cheap in the Valentine’s Day offseason?)

Have you been to a theme wedding, or hosted one, that can beat this happy couple’s cocoa-dusted festivities? Please provide inspiration to potential quarantine couples below.

Marnie Shure is editor in chief of The Takeout.


Dr Emilio Lizardo

I have never turned down free chocolate, but Russel-Stover and the Whitman Sampler make me consider it.

Should have changed their names to Jessica Scharffen and Rich Berger.