Last Call: Cheese-rolling is a surprisingly brutal sport

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Cheese-rolling competition

Despite some efforts to shut it down, an annual U.K. cheese-rolling competition took place on Cooper’s Hill this week. It sounds charming and pastoral, but the above video shows a truly violent and cringe-worthy race to catch the rolling cheese. This year’s muddy field made for some especially slick spills. [Kate Bernot]

Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band, circa 1978

Every three months I’m obligated by Takeout law to post a full concert of Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band, so here is four glorious hours of The Boss, circa Darkness On The Edge Of Town. [Kevin Pang]


Another Toto cover by Weezer

Everyone’s talking about Weezer’s cover of the classic karaoke-mangling song “Africa,” but they also did a spot-on version of “Rosanna” as well. I love these covers because they’re devoutly reverential but add their own spin on it, like some extra guitars to “Africa” and Rivers Cuomo’s filled-with-longing-for Rosanna-Arquette vocals here. No better way to kick off summer than to travel back to the early days of MTV with this song and its multiple synth solos. [Gwen Ihnat]