Last Call: Cemetery cider, Taco Bell Thanksgiving, and 48 minutes of bebop fury

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Cemetery cider

A couple ferments homemade cider from apples they find in a Brooklyn cemetery, which is relevant to all of my interests and should definitely be set to a Smiths soundtrack. I’d love to taste this cider in the cemetery itself, among the headstones and trees. A handful of cidermakers around the country sell commercial ciders made from foraged or scavenged or found apples, but the practice is still rather rare. [Kate Bernot]


Taco Bell friendsgiving


Staffers at Taco Bell’s California headquarters have a pretty epic annual tradition: Taco Bell Friendsgiving. Each year, they transform typical menu items into a Thanksgiving-inspired feast for VIPs, Munchies reports. The event started five years ago, and menus have featured items such as mashed potatoes made with Cool Ranch Doritos Locos Tacos (um, yum), Mountain Dew Sangrita Blast Cranberry Relish and Gordita Bread Stuffing. [Jen Sabella]

Now He Sings, Now He Sobs

I’ll be honest: I didn’t find time to read any stories today outside editing for our site. What I did have on the background was jazz pianist Chick Corea’s seminal album, Now He Sings, Now He Sobs. This live recording from the mid-2000's showcased a ferocious Corea on the keys, fresh and innovative as when he released the album in 1968 and straddling the world of bebop and avant garde jazz. Special hat tip to Roy Haynes—he was 80 at this live recording!—who is as badass and swingin’ on the drum kit as ever. [Kevin Pang]