Last Call: “Avocado Hand” is apparently a health threat

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“Avocado Hand” strikes a host on The View

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Joy Behar, one of the hosts of The View, apparently injured herself recently. She showed off a bandaged hand this week, which she’d lacerated badly enough to require a hospital visit. The culprit: An avocado pit. According to New York Magazine’s The Cut—the irony!—doctors are used to seeing these avocado-induced injuries, and they’d really prefer we all use spoons to get those pits out. I’ve had my fair share of kitchen mishaps (scars prove it) but never were they caused by avocados. Surely there’s a safe way to get the pits out, people. [Kate Bernot]

The cool superiority of Grease 2

Every few years, this debate pops up, and Twitter appeared to be arguing this point once again recently, possibly in honor of annual Grease 2 day, which was yesterday, June 11: Is Grease 2 better than Grease? I am here to tell you the answer is an unequivocally yes. Grease has a female protagonist who changes her entire identity to get the guy at the end. Grease 2 gives us Michelle Pfeiffer as Stephanie Zinoni, who rules the Pink Ladies effortlessly and captivates both her ex and new mysterious exchange student Michael (future Rex Manning Maxwell Caulfield) simply by being her own badass self. And “Cool Rider” bests “Hopelessly Devoted To You” by about 1000 percent on the coolness scale. Case closed. [Gwen Ihnat]

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