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Ask A Manager

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My latest internet obsession: Ask A Manager, a human-resources advice blog. I know this sounds so boring, but it’s actually fascinating. Imagine the straight-up strangest behavior that could happen in a workplace, and this column has probably covered it. My recent favorite is the truly awful saga of a workplace prank gone horribly wrong, but there’s also more practical advice about how to navigate the sometimes bizarre world of cubicles and water coolers. [Kate Bernot]

“O My Soul” by Big Star

Ah, winter—a great time to spend a lot of time indoors and catch up on your classic rock music. If you’ve never indulged, might I recommend delving into the canon of the great Big Star? The ’70s Memphis band was light years ahead of its time, with Alex Chilton, Chris Bell, Jody Stephens, and Andy Hummel offering guitar-driven, emotionally powerful pop. Plus, only three albums to keep track of: the cheekily titled debut #1 Record (1972), Radio City (1974), and Third (also known as Sister Lovers, 1978). To see why these guys so strongly influenced bands like The Replacements, who wrote whole songs about them, I suggest starting off with the Radio City opener “O My Soul.” It’s an indulgent, over-five minute rock-plea, journeying from the heights of some squeaky organ chords to the depths of the swingy, laid-back guitar. If you like that one, there are three more albums’ worth to check out: Enjoy. [Gwen Ihnat]