Last Call: All hail the Renaissance Faire

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Get thee to a Renaissance Faire this summer

I know the Renaissance Faire creeps some people out, but I straight-up love it. Not even joking. I missed it last year, but fortunately some Onion co-workers said they were going last weekend, so I tagged along with three kids in tow. Highlights included a voodoo magic show, the fabulous Fire Whip guy, wooden-only thrill rides like the Crow’s Nest, and a show in which cats and rats jumped through hoops of fire (we missed the Joust To The Death this year). Plus foaming cups of mead (beer) for the adults and a ton of ice cream for the kids, as well as fried food from curly fries to chicken wings. It’s not cheap (not even going to tell you what I took out of the ATM, and spent it all) but it’s a Sunday like no other Sunday of our entire year. And the people-watching (in a variety of medieval/fantasy/superhero costumes) is unparalleled. I may have to go again before it closes on Labor Day, and I don’t even dress up. If you’ve even toyed with the idea of going and have enough disposable cash, I urge you to check it out. [Gwen Ihnat]


Why a city banned tech companies’ free lunches

Google employees and contractors fill the cafeteria at Google Kirkland in 2009.
Google employees and contractors fill the cafeteria at Google Kirkland in 2009.
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So one of the perks of working for a huge tech company is the gourmet cafeteria food, right? At least when I imagine Google or Facebook employee break rooms, I imagine heaping piles of fresh sushi, exotic fruits, and La Croix stacked as far as the eye can see. But this is not the case in Mountain View, California, where the city passed legislation that bars tech companies from fully subsidizing meals inside their offices. It’s aimed at getting those employees to actually spend money in local restaurants and businesses instead of spending all day inside HQ. Bonus: Those keyboard-tethered workers might actually get some vitamin D through their skin, too. [Kate Bernot]



Seems like quite a bit of heavy handedness. If this is ok, then can the city ban an office having a fridge for employees to store brown bag lunches to encourage dining out? Ban a company owned treadmill and b ball court because it cuts into local health clubs’ memberships.