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What’s your favorite Crock-Pot recipe?

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Writing this fun garbage chicken piece this week has re-ignited my love for my favorite appliance and is inspiring me to use it more often. You may think of the Crock-Pot as more of a fall/winter thing, but it is very handy in the summer months, as you can cook dinner and not heat up your entire kitchen. So let’s hear it, Crock-Pot fans: What else do you like to throw in there? Obviously, anything with cream-of-mushroom soup is 100-percent acceptable. [Gwen Ihnat]

We’re all hungry at night

Photo: Cyrus McCrimmon/The Denver Post (Getty Images)


Even if I’ve eaten a normal-sized, satisfying dinner, I inevitably get peckish around 10 p.m. Turns out, my hormones might be to blame! (Story of my life.) NBC News has more here on new why-are-we-hungry-at-night research, including evolutionary explanations. [Kate Bernot]

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