Last Call: A shameless plug for a movie I made

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For Grace

Hey there Takeouterinos, it’s your boi Kevin. I feel super guilty pimping my personal projects in my professional space, so I beg your indulgence. Before I joined The Takeout, I spent three years working on a food documentary. It’s about a Chicago chef named Curtis Duffy, and my filmmaking partner Mark Helenowski and I followed him with cameras as Curtis began building his dream restaurant, one he would call Grace. Eight months into filming, Mark and I began learning about Curtis’ backstory—and it’s more shocking, sad, and Shakespearean than either of us could imagine. Anyway, the documentary is now on Netflix, and it’s the proudest thing I’ve ever done. Apologies for the self-serving pimping, but thank you for your consideration and good night. [Kevin Pang]

You Have No Idea, Man by Edwin


Still Kevin here. Guess I’m not done pimping yet. One of the things about For Grace that people tell us they enjoyed was the music. We collaborated with the Chicago band The Hudson Branch to score our film. Two members of the band, brothers Matthew and Jacob Boll, have this side project called Edwin, and their four-song EP is—and I say this even if I didn’t know them—one of my favorite albums of the year. [Kevin Pang]