Last Call: A salute to Lisa Simpson, and "What A Fool Believes" with toy instruments

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Why Lisa Simpson Matters

I took up saxophone lessons because of Lisa Simpson—probably around the time the NY Times reported on just such a Lisa-inspired “sax craze”—and she’s long been one of my favorite TV characters. “It’s a tricky performance Yeardley pulls off. She makes Lisa into the type of nerd that every nerd aspires to be,” Darryn King writes in this piece for Vanity Fair titled Why Lisa Simpson Matters. I couldn’t agree more. [Kate Bernot]


The Onion Comedy & Arts Festival 2018

Hey everyone, the lineup for this year’s The Onion Comedy & Arts Festival has arrived! Personally, I’m super-excited to see Bob Odenkirk (and friends), my second year in a row at Casey Wilson and Danielle Schneider’s Bitch Sesh, and five nights with Scott Thompson’s Buddy Cole at the Annoyance Theatre. I wonder how many nights I can get away with attending: hopefully at least three. So, will you be in the in the Chicago area from May 30 to June 3? Can you be in the Chicago area from May 30 to June 3? If so, I highly recommend checking at least one of the many great shows listed here out. [Gwen Ihnat] 


“What A Fool Believes” with toy instruments

The most famous song songwriter Matt Mahaffrey released—as the band Self—wasn’t his own. It was, in fact, a cover of Doobie Brother’s timeless “What A Fool Believes” from Self’s 2000 album Gizmodgery. What made that album novel was almost every track was recorded with toy instruments. This cover is just a pure delight. [Kevin Pang]