Kiddie playrooms finally incorporating million-dollar idea of adding drinks for parents

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This is frustrating, because it is an idea I had a bizillion times over as a toddler parent, dragging the twins to various indoor play areas that would engage them and yet keep them out of ditches and traffic. Many times these places would offer wifi and/or coffee, but I couldn’t help but wonder how delightful it would be if there was also a frosty beer or chilled chardonnay available.

Turns out desperate parents think alike, because now the playrooms of my dreams are popping up in New York. The New York Post reports that an an enterprising couple in Greenpoint has opened Little People Party in an indoor soccer space in Williamsburg “to create a space where kids could run wild while their parents enjoyed the thrill of a grown-up beverage.” While the soccer does kick off in the morning, starting at “3 p.m. on Thursdays and Fridays, a bar connected to the facility opens, and Mom and Dad can order up rosés and microbrews while their kids play.” Hopefully these parents are also enjoying the thrill of public transportation or a Lyft while transporting their children.


Little People Party follows a similar establishment called Sunnyside Plays in Queens. Honestly, if someone franchises this, I still think it’s a gangbuster idea. I know restaurants in my neighborhood that specifically cater to families, maybe with some games like Frogger or ping pong in the back, are significantly busier than less kid-friendly venues. After all, as one Little People Partygoer explains, “I think the reason I need a beer these days is because my kids make me crazy.” Honey, we can relate.