Keurig tests cocktail-pod machine for those who can’t be bothered to mix a gin and tonic

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Lovers of the Keurig pod for their morning beverages may be excited about a new product more related to evening sipping. CNET reports today that Keurig and Anheuser-Busch InBev have partnered on a new cocktail-focused machine called the Drinkworks Home Bar. The machine will include a carbonation canister and have pods for cocktails like margaritas, Cosmopolitans, and Long Island Iced Teas.


Fair enough. But some of these pods seem a bit ridiculous. Sure, a mai tai can be a bit cumbersome to pull together, but how hard is it to make a gin and tonic? Or a lime vodka soda? Also, at $4-a-pod pop, you might finder a similar deal at a neighborhood happy hour.

That amount doesn’t even include the $300 for the machine itself, as well as the two-packs of carbon dioxide canisters for $15 (each canister will be able to make roughly 15 drinks). The machine rolls out in a pilot pre-order program on Tuesday, with 24 drinks available including 15 cocktails, a Stella Cidre cider, English beers from Bass, and German-style beer from Becks. It will launch in St. Louis, according to CBS News, while cocktail fans in California and Florida can pre-order the machine. The rest of the country will have to wait until 2019. Although, let’s remember that the Keurig soda machine, called Keurig Kold, fizzled after less than a year on the market; CBS reports “consumers complained about its $370 price tag and disappointing flavors.”

While convenient (if a bit expensive), we can’t help but feel that the Dreamworks machine kind of sucks the fun out of cocktail time. Isn’t a vodka and tonic with a lovingly squeezed lime wedge for a friend more enjoyable than a red sangria from a plastic pod? And what if we feel like a light drink, or a double? It’s one thing to stagger toward the magic coffee machine in the morning when you can’t open your eyes without caffeine. But nighttime entertaining is quite another thing.

Gwen Ihnat is the Editorial Coordinator for The A.V. Club.


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