Justin Timberlake's “braspberries” may come to fruition

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Last year, Justin Timberlake went off into the woods Bon Iver-style and emerged with a new album, a penchant for camo print, and apparently, some new thoughts about fruit. Namely, he’d fallen in love with braspberries, or raspberries into which he’d stuffed blueberries. He’s since been declaring his love for braspberries all over social media and in a commercial for Bai brand drinks—and now the hybrid berry might actually hit store shelves.


Driscoll’s fruit company told Food & Wine the braspberries don’t yet exist in grocery stores—despite this mock-up posted to Driscoll’s Instagram—but the company hopes to make them a reality: “Driscoll’s is working quickly to look for ways to scale for potential retail sales.” The challenge, of course, is to find an efficient way to get those blueberries nestled so sweetly inside their raspberry sleeping bags.

Need we point out that this um, innovation, isn’t actually hard to do yourself? We’d rather see some truly out-there stuffed food inventions. Here, you can have these million-dollar ideas for free, world:

  • avocados with salsa inside
  • an egg that breaks open and there’s cheese in it
  • Nutella-filled bananas
  • a grape-stuffed, clementine-stuffed orange (the turducken of fruits)
  • bacon berries

Alright, food scientists, you have your marching orders.

Kate Bernot is a freelance writer and a certified beer judge. She was previously managing editor at The Takeout.



I’m totally behind you on Nutella-filled bananas. That may just be the after dinner snack for the kids one night this week.

By kids, I mean me.