Last Call: Let Justin Theroux inspire you to make your pets’ meals more special

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Justin Theroux has been keeping pretty steady company these days with his dog Kuma, a pit bull he rescued a couple of years ago after Hurricane Harvey. His Instagram is full of pictures of their adventures together, at the beach, on ski vacations, at cafes, at the pool hall. Truly, it looks like the happy montage part of a romantic comedy. Not even quarantine has been enough to kill the romance: every night now they get dressed up and dine together at home by candlelight. They eat the same food; Kuma’s portions are just smaller.

Perhaps Theroux has been inspired by his most recent leading role, as the Tramp in the live-action remake of Lady And The Tramp. And yes, in case you were wondering, immediately after they attended a screening of the movie together, he and Kuma reenacted the spaghetti-eating scene. (This was after Kuma declared the movie the best ever made in the history of this world and all others.)


And now can I tell you all that I feel like an absolute beast for not only making my dog Joe eat kibbles but forcing him to eat them out of a bowl on the floor instead of at the table? I honestly don’t think he minds as long as we share little pieces of chicken and steak with him, and that he would actually prefer a nice long run through the neighborhood or at the very least 15 minutes of tearing through the front courtyard of our apartment building.

Still, I feel ashamed. Joe has been doing so much over the past month to keep my spirits up, getting me to laugh with goofy faces, forcing me off the couch for trips outside for walks, letting me rub his ears and bury my face in his neck when I’m feeling sad. He does this entirely naturally and willingly, because he is a dog and that is what dogs do, but I should not take it for granted.

What are you all doing to show your love and gratitude toward your pets during this miserable time of quarantine?

Aimee Levitt is associate editor of The Takeout.

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I share bits of cheese with my dog, but we can’t give him too much people food or he throws up. He gets pumpkin on his kibble in the evening and a pepperoni in the morning with an allergy pill hidden inside.