Just let scientists write all Amazon product reviews

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Photo: Paul Bradbury (Getty Images)

We try to think outside of the box a bit. After all, we appreciated Vincent Price cooking a fish in a dishwasher, and we dyed our kid’s hair with Kool-Aid. But we have to hand it to the reviews that these scientists posted on Amazon, with the unusual ways they use household items for scientific purposes.


Everything from vibrators (to lure spiders out of their nests) to Pringles cans (to host young bird hatchlings) have unexpected uses. The Washington Post notes that “Tea strainers and colanders are one of the most-reviewed items, having been used to drain mashed testicles, sift bones out of cat feces and for ‘sieving parasites out of poop.’” Poster John Birch noted that his son used the tea strainers in a science experiment to separate ants.

At any rate, the #reviewsforscience hashtag offers a variety of usage options for an entertaining read:


Which got us looking at our own household items with new eyes. A bobby pin to squeeze a toothpaste tube? Tie-dying in the microwave? A waffle iron to make hash browns? Using a French press to make infused liquors? What else should we be repurposing?



I have read waffle irons make great hash browns. They are not so great at mashed potato pancakes.