As you might have guessed, Child shows the greatest enthusiasm during her conversation with Chef Henry Haller about the evening’s menu: seafood vol-au-vents, noisettes of lamb, and strawberry mousse. Haller, who served as the White House chef from 1966 to 1987 and died this past November, was born in Switzerland and trained, like Child, in the French tradition; it’s fun to watch them nerd out together over pastry shells and cuts of lamb (with perfect French pronunciation). Her attempts to restrain her impulse to taste everything—and her ultimate failure—is also delightful.


The full 45-minute video of White House Red Carpet With Julia Child is available for streaming at the American Archive of Public Broadcasting, a collaboration between GBH Boston and the Library of Congress.

It’s a soothing watch, especially In These Times. And a bonus: a brief shot of Paul Child, who, in voluntarily assuming the role of kitchen organizer and official dishwasher for The French Chef, earned his rightful place in the Famous Women’s Husbands Hall of Fame.