John Cena can eat 31 empanadas in one day, but not 32

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john cena
John Cena poses in the press room at the 2017 MTV Movie and TV Awards at The Shrine Auditorium
Photo: Jason LaVeris / Contributor (Getty Images)

Oh, the sacrifices actors need to make when they’re filming scenes for a movie! In the upcoming film The Suicide Squad, slated for release in 2021, wrestler-turned-actor (and top-notch plastic cup model) John Cena plays a character named Peacemaker, who is described as “a man who wants peace so much he’ll kill to get it.” Hell yeah. However, this particular information is not important to us. The Takeout is concerned with food. So you know that this story is going to contain food. In this case, a lot of it.

According to Screen Rant, one particular scene in the script required Cena to eat an empanada. As a true champion and consummate performer, he decided that Peacemaker would eat the entire empanada all in one go. But as it turns out, this was a complex shot to film, and it would require more than a couple takes to nail down. There was the first take. Then another take. And another. By the end of the day, Cena had eaten a total of 31 empanadas—no word on what kind—and was not feeling so good. However, there was no “reversal of fortune,” as an eating professional would say (aka tossing of cookies).


“I think 32 would have been the heave ho, but I was able to like penguin waddle out of there and just relax and unbutton,” Cena said. “But people are going to see the movie and nobody’s gonna care so please, remember the empanadas.”

It’s good to know your limits. No matter what happens in the plot of the movie, I know the true hero of the film can never be Peacemaker, but John Cena. And the real antagonist? Those goddamn empanadas.