Joe Biden reveals himself a sesame seed bagel man

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Donald Trump, as previously noted, was something of a homebody during his presidential term and seldom ate out in D.C. except in the restaurant in the Trump International Hotel (though he did install that sweet, sweet Diet Coke button in the Oval Office). Joe Biden, however, has resolved to do things differently.


Yesterday morning, after Mass, the Presidential motorcade stopped for bagels at Call Your Mother Deli in Georgetown, Washingtonian reports. Biden did not get out of the car himself but instead waved to the crowd while a Secret Service agent went in to pick up his order of sesame bagels. (It was not reported whether the President got lox and a schmear.)

The choice of Call Your Mother was not completely random: one of its co-owners, Jeff Zients, happens to be the coordinator of the administration’s COVID-19 task force. Per Washingtonian, “The wealthy businessman has a background as a CEO and management consultant across a range of industries and previously worked in the Obama White House.” But it was always his dream to open a Jewish deli, which he did in 2017; it now has three locations.

Sigh. It just goes to show that everything in Washington is political. (Or maybe Biden really was eager to try a new place that had opened during his time away from the capital, especially one recommended by his buddy Jeff.) Still, as Washingtonian notes, after just four days in office, Biden has visited as many D.C. restaurants as Trump did in four years.

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Lord John Whorfin

Apparently, one of the reasons for Cheetolini’s penchant for fast food and his shunning of any other non-Trump restaurants is his paranoia about being poisoned. He trusts places like McDonalds and KFC because they make their food in huge batches, and he figures it would be impossible for someone to poison an ENTIRE McDonalds to get to him without giving themselves away. At HIS restaurant, he trusts the food, because it’s ‘his’. (If he’s really worried about being poisoned, that’s a pretty foolish blindspot, but this IS Trump, so...)

I suppose if I spent that much time hanging around Putin and his crowd, *I’D* be concerned about polonium in my french fries, too.