Photo: Jimmy John’s

Earlier this year, Jimmy John‚Äôs released a new sandwich, The Frenchie. (We liked it!) This grab-and-go gem‚ÄĒconsisting of salami, capicola, and provolone cheese on a buttered baguette roll‚ÄĒwill be available for a limited time only, but that hasn‚Äôt stopped the chain from celebrating its arrival all the same. To wit: Vin De Sandwich, a similarly limited release California pinot noir, which was (per a press release) ‚Äúdeveloped specifically to complement The Frenchie.‚ÄĚ

Lest you start conjuring images of grow lights glaring down on drooping vines, growing grapes so fast you’ll freak, this wine was produced and bottled by Santa Rosa, California’s The Folk Machine Winery, and made with grapes sourced from the Chalone appellation.

They even made a couple commercials for it, and honestly, this one’s reasonably funny.

A press release mentions ‚Äúnotes of dark raspberry, ripe cherry, and hints of cedar and spice,‚ÄĚ and that‚Äôs echoed by Wilfred Wong of, who rated the bottle a 90 (a good score):

When I first tasted Pinot Noirs from the Chalone AVA, nearly four decades ago, I found joy in the wines’ fruit purity. The 2017 Jimmy John’s Vin de Sandwich Pinot Noir exemplifies that quality. TASTING NOTES: This wine is fresh, bright, and lively. Its aromas and flavors of strawberries, raspberries, and a touch of savory spice. (Tasted: May 10, 2019, San Francisco, CA )


You‚Äôve got to respect a company that cooks up a gag and then makes the gag itself also worthwhile. Vin De Sandwich is available online only‚ÄĒdon‚Äôt stroll into your local JJ‚Äôs and ask for a bottle‚ÄĒwith a current ship date of Wednesday, May 29, as of this writing. Should you wish to try a bottle and don‚Äôt mind the wait, it‚Äôll set you back $29.99 before shipping and tax.