Man forced to admit Jimmy John's sandwich did not, in fact, insult his wife

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A man named Robert Wilson Barnes and his wife went to Jimmy John’s. When he saw her sandwich he jumped to what was, quite frankly, the only logical conclusion. Subconsciously, Barnes has probably been waiting years for a sandwich to try and pick fight with his woman. At last, it was time to be the proverbial knight in shining armor.

Robert Wilson Barnes was ready to defend his wife’s honor.

At a Jimmy John’s.


After sternly asking for the manager, Barnes was informed that the sandwich was, in fact, not insulting his wife. It was only trying to identify itself as the sandwich she had ordered: a BLT with cheese. (This really only makes sense with the visual above, which Barnes thankfully posted to Facebook.)

Barnes did not comment on whether or not his wife found his gallant display of chivalry to be hot, but let’s be honest, ladies, who doesn’t want a man who’s willing to spring to fisticuffs at a Jimmy John’s over a verbally abusive BLT with cheese?

Meanwhile, I’ve had to learn to accept sandwich bullying, because my husband “loves sandwiches too much” and “doesn’t want to start any problems.”


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Just be glad she didn’t order a Coldcut, Unpasteurized cheese, No Tomato.

Or a Tuna With Added Tomato.