Jimmy John’s new $3 Little John sandwiches are a big deal

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Rapper Lil Jon and the… yeah, you get it.
Rapper Lil Jon and the… yeah, you get it.
Photo: Jimmy John’s

Small versions of foods are objectively great—sliders, fun-sized candy, pretzel bites—but convenient sandwiches rarely come in anything smaller than a six-inch size. Jimmy John’s hears you, tiny-sandwich-lovers of the world. It’s debuted the option of Little John sandwiches, slimmed-down versions of its seven original sandwiches for $3.

We’re pretty on board with this, at least in concept. A spokesperson for Jimmy John’s says the Little Johns are roughly half the size of an original sandwich, putting them at roughly four inches. (Editor’s note: The same spokesperson later clarified the Little Johns are in fact 6.5 inches. Also, get your minds out of the gutter, people.) This is good news for customers craving both a Turkey Tom and a Pepe sandwich, as they could order both in small sizes. Or—and this is true innovation, people—they could just order one Little John as a snack sandwich. I’ll repeat that for all of you in the back: a snack sandwich. What a time to be alive, etc.


Jimmy John’s promises the sandwiches include the same ingredients as the standard size, just in “a skinny mini version.” Proportions will, of course, be crucial here; if the bread overwhelms the fillings or vice versa, the sandwich’s conceptual integrity falters. But if the Little Johns retain the same basic structure as the standard sandwiches—just scaled down—then we see little fault in the new Little John size. Plus, the chain got Lil Jon on board, obviously.