J-Lo and A-Rod debut frozen dinners at Walmart, like all cute couples do

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Photo: Gilbert Carrasquillo/GC Images (Getty), Tiller & Hatch Supply Co.

Ask just about anyone, and they’ll say the same thing: When you’ve sold 80 million records, starred in dozens of films, won so many awards that they have their own Wikipedia page, and announced your engagement to the MLB grand slam career record holder, the natural next step is to get into the frozen dinner business.

This week, Jennifer Lopez and fiancé Alex Rodriguez launched Tiller & Hatch Supply Co., a line of meals you can make in an electric pressure cooker, available at Walmarts nationwide. The meal kits can be purchased either in-store or via a delivery subscription, and if you’ve ever ordered from Blue Apron or its many equivalents, the Tiller & Hatch spiel will sound familiar: Words like “simple,” “wholesome,” “nutritious,” and “premium quality ingredients” are all present to emphasize that J-Lo and A-Rod want what’s best for your family.

Perhaps more notably, though, while many subscription boxes tend to target singles, millennials, and those just beginning their relationship to cooking, Tiller & Hatch meals seem more geared toward accessibility and affordability for working families. “This is an option we wish had been available to our families growing up,” Rodriguez notes in the press release. A portion of the proceeds will also go to shelters and charities that combat hunger.


As of now, the menu includes things like minestrone, three farfalle dishes, and four hearty-looking stews. When J-Lo endorses anything consumable, who are we to doubt her?