Jelly bean rankings reveal a surprising new national no. 1

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We like jelly beans as much as the next person, but we have to admit we’re a little dubious over this new survey by To its credit, the blog says that it surveyed over 10 years of sales data and over 12,000 people to reach its standings of favorite jelly bean flavors by state (and runners-up) compiling them all it a big winner and new jelly bean champion just in time for Easter season. And that winner is: Buttered popcorn? In a surprising move, the sweet-slaty flavor toppled last year’s winner, black licorice, the jelly bean we thought only a mother could love.

Although the company name “Jelly Belly” isn’t really pushed throughout the survey story, it seems clear that that is the manufacturer of the jelly beans listed, with flavors familiar to Jelly Belly fans like toasted marshmallow and banana. A link to the site’s jelly bean flavors reveals that is indeed the brand sold at But the chocolate jelly bean, the winner in The Takeout’s home state of Illinois, doesn’t seem like that popular of a bean outside of a gourmet bag.


But if you’re interested in finding out the favorite (Jelly Belly) flavor in your state, check out the interactive map at