Jaden Smith launches vegan food truck to feed L.A. homeless

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Jaden Smith attends the 29th Annual Environmental Media Awards in May.
Jaden Smith attends the 29th Annual Environmental Media Awards in May.
Photo: Amy Sussman (Getty Images)

Credit where credit is due to Jaden Smith. The rapper/actor/top-tier Twitter personality could very easily have rested on the laurels of being the child of world-famous actors. But when he’s not drawing lyrical parallels between himself and Batman, he’s doing what too few celebrities with substantial clout tend to do, and attempting to improve the larger world.

Smith previously donated a pair of mobile water filtration systems to Flint, Michigan, and now he’s opened the first of what will purportedly be “the first of many” vegan food trucks in L.A. to help feed the city’s substantial homeless population. He announced the new I Love You Restaurant initiative through Instagram:


While Smith isn’t the first to use the food truck medium to take care of those in need, even in L.A. (Share a Meal offers food for the homeless five nights a week, for example), it’s nevertheless a noble use of credibility and financial means alike. There are no easy answers for the ever-growing issues of poverty and homelessness in the U.S., so perhaps this is one those cases in which every little bit really does count.

We’re hopeful that Smith will continue beyond the single pop-up, as suggested by his post, and that growing efforts to yield long-term fixes for food access will pay off in time.