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It is no longer cool enough to make a hoppy beer inspired by video games, breweries now feel they should create actual video games for their IPAs. For all my beer-dork friends out there, it gives new meaning to button SMASHing. Thanks folks, I’m here all week, try the veal.


Exhibit A among the IPA video games: New Belgium’s Voodoo Ranger Liquid Paradise game, a platform-style game in which a player navigates the Voodoo Ranger through a series of obstacles on a river while collecting hops, which earn points.

Exhibit B: Boulevard’s Space Camper game, a Space Invaders-esque shooting game that has real-world prizes. If you defeat the first mini boss at level 8, you can enter to win weekly Dark Phoenix/Fandango prize packs or the grand prize of a home theater system.


As a person whose video-game skills never evolved much beyond the Sega Genesis, both these games are retro enough for me to enjoy. I have to admit, though, Tapper is still king.

Kate Bernot is managing editor at The Takeout and a certified beer judge.

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