Last Call: Instagrammer @SexySlices out to evaluate every slice of pizza in Buffalo

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We all have passion projects—mine is a tie between an unfinished novel and my Words With Friends score—but you really have to hand it to anonymous Instagrammer @sexyslices. There’s a more accurate description in the bio: Buffalo Pizza Review. So far SS has more than 300 detailed posts describing pizzas available in Buffalo, N.Y., commenting on components like dough, cheese, sauce, and overall quality. Buffalo News describes Sexy Slices’ method thusly: “Once a week he heads out after his office job and hones in on a pizzeria he’s never been to, usually a spot suggested by one or more of his 5,000 Instagram followers.” Then he tabulates everything onto a Google spreadsheet, which is also available to his many fans.


We may all have passion projects, but at least Sexy Slices is offering a valuable service to Buffalo pizza fans (who knew there was that much pizza available in Buffalo, population around 250,000)? As he puts it, “I pass eternal judgement [sic] on Buffalo’s pizzerias so you don’t have to. Est. 2015.” Godspeed, Sexy Slices.

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Did not realize that guy that maintained a spreadsheet on when his wife had sex with him lives in Buffalo.

More importantly, Buffalo doesn’t even have 300 pizzerias, so just imagine the prattle of the thirstiest yelp reviewer ever.

Hard pass.