Indiana man sent his date an itemized bill after she ghosted him

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The process of ghosting—abruptly ignoring someone after a bad date, rather than informing them you’re breaking it off—isn’t an unheard of social sin in 2018. The rise of online dating and dating apps have made ghosting a fairly common, if not exactly polite, practice. But one Indiana woman was shocked by her former date’s response to her ghosting: He sent her an invoice for her half of the date.


The Independent reports the 23-year-old woman decided to stop texting the man after their first date, realizing they weren’t a good fit for each other. Soon after, the woman received a text informing her that she was being “invoiced” for her half of the date, and “to avoid additional penalty or fines, have the invoice paid, otherwise it will be turned into a collection agency.” The invoice—which she posted to social media—charged her $39.52 for her Moscow Mule, beer, pulled pork tacos, sales tax, shipping and handling, and a $1.99 processing fee. The invoice is numbered “Invoice #69”and also reads “Thank you for your business!” at the bottom.

Without knowing all the details, it’s hard to unequivocally take one side or the other here. On one hand, ghosting is generally rude, and wouldn’t the world be a slightly more civil place if we could all just explain “Hey, I don’t think we’re right for each other, but thanks for dinner!” and move on? On the other hand, maybe this dude was a total weirdo jerk who made his date so uncomfortable she didn’t want to speak to him again (see: Invoice #69). Numerous online commenters have chided the woman for not paying her half of the dinner bill in the first place, but who knows, maybe the guy insisted on footing the bill? Bottom line: There are too many unknowns here for us to officially weigh in. Second bottom line: This is why you might consider a coffeeshop for a blind date, and definitely pay for your own latte.

Kate Bernot is a freelance writer and a certified beer judge. She was previously managing editor at The Takeout.


Jesus, dude. Let it go. If it fucking bothers you that much, its 2018, go Dutch on a first date!

*as an aside, I absolutely do not want to ever be in a stock image. Because shit like this might happen. “Mike, what the fuck man, you sent some chick an itemized bill because she didn’t return your call? That’s some petty, ice-cold shit Mike” “Its a fucking stock image I did 5 years ago Gary! The article isn’t about me!”